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Search Engine, most inovative technology

Search Engine, how to make internet simple.

In this digital age, it seems weird if people don’t use internet. Things happen to be simple because of internet. In terms of communication or exchanging files. But, even if its simple, can you ever imagine what it feels like if you had to search what you want on the internet by yourself. There are billion, or maybe million data storage in internet for just what you are looking for. If you have to look for it ourselves, I can guarantee you, either you give up in the process or die trying. So, here comes the things that make it even more simple. Search Engine. You used it but never realize how importance is it. And the best company that provide search engine is Google. Google in each second can make new reference of what we’re looking for based on our keyword. It really simple don’t you think ? But that’s not all that Google do. They keep track of the internet in all over the world for us. Then share it with us. In my opinion, it makes Google the most company ever existed. Without Google, I think there would be another search engine we can rely on, but as good as Google and won’t be as accurate too. Google in its own way, make people life easier. Have you ever imagine life without Google folks ? There won’t be a Google translator to help you translate, there won’t be Google maps to help you when you lost (yes, I’ve lost many times, and because of Google maps, I can find my way back. Thank Google)



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