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As my first post, I am going to describe about my name. My full name is Dani Junianto and I will explain to you about the meaning of it. Actually I’ve never know the meaning of my name, so I’ve look it up in the internet and here what I’ve found.

First Name: DANI

The word of “Dani” is actually a French-Arabic name (I don’t know how it could be French, but oh well) which actually means “Close”, “Almost”. I have idea what it means since, “Dani” is the usual name for boys. Then I look it up for more and found something saddening. Based on algorithm that I don’t know how, “Dani” means “Sadness”,”Imperfect”,”Freedom”,”Influence”. So it means, I am an imperfect person that can be easily overcome by sadness I think. I’m not quite sure. Even when I ask my parents about this issue, they don’t have a clue for this. They don’t know the meaning of their own son name. Oh gosh.

Middle Name: JUNIANTO

Actually, “Junianto” is quite simple to explain. I born in June, so hence the”Juni”. And I’m a boy, so there come the “Anto”. So as you can predict if I was born a girl in July, my name would be “Julianti”, which is a really bad name for a girl.

Even though I don’t exactly know what the meaning, I’m glad to have this name. Did you know that my grandpa actually what to named me “Dani Muldani” ? If that happened, I think I would never wrote this.

So, that’s all! I wish you enjoy reading my first post .




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