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The Most Creative Person


Creativity is a really important factor in our whole life since it exists in our daily life and must not be underestimated. It is very useful in any kind of situation. You name it, life, study, romance. Each one of them needs creativity to use. Some people said that creativity is something natural and come automatically from a person. However, creativity must also be encouraged in the society and our environment.

The creativity itself will then produce and also grasp the best idea and the best implementation of our activities. For example, as a student in SBM-ITB, a person needs to be very creative in presenting his/her material to the others in order to make the audience attracted to the presentation. In the future, the creative presentation is very crucial because business life is full of persuasion if we want to be successful.

Besides for making presentation, a student also requires creativity to solve problems more efficiently and more effectively. In every department, we are needed to take the fastest and safest route to take in a matter of seconds. Not that I’m exaggerating things but it’ the truth. I take examples from SBM-ITB activities deliberately because it is my daily activity and it would be the best if I can write something about that.


According to me, the most creative man that ever lived in the world is Mr. Rowan Atkinson. As maybe you all know, he played the character of Mr. Bean. You watched one of them of course. If you haven’t, please do. This character is very unique on its own way with his weird behavior and sometimes doesn’t make any sense to us. Do you realize for those who have watch the film, that in the movie, there aren’t not any script for the players. They do comedy with their body language only and leave ours imagination to think about what should we laugh about. Mr. Rowan Atkinson in my opinion is a very creative person in making all of laugh. He does silly things as he played Mr. Bean. The film, if you have watched it, will still be funny even if you watched ten times before (well, I would say hundred but I thought people might get bored). So folks, please for those who haven’t watched the film, please do. You will see how creative his jokes and perception of comedy are.



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